Why Choose Toddler World

Toddler World is a friendly, caring and committed facility, which embraces excellence and quality. Our nursery is specifically designed to suit the needs of your child. Its large, bright, colorful play rooms and outdoor play areas accessorized by state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of age appropriate toys create a magical haven for your child. We provide fully air-conditioned classrooms and transport to protect children of tender age from air and noise pollution.

Toddler World provides an experience which is designed to facilitate growth, both inner and outer – nurturing all aspects of the personality – physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual. If we teach today’s children as we taught yesterday’s, we will rob them of tomorrow. We give a new meaning to the ambience and environment in which the latest of learning techniques could be applied and synthesized with the best of our culture. We have used latest and innovative methodologies which will aid the development of your child in every way.

It's not what child learns that makes Toddler World special -- it's how