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Toddler Program (18-24 months)

A high-energy toddler program that lets them explore the world: Toddlers at Toddler World.

Your toddler is busy exploring his new-found language and adding to his vocabulary every day. This is the prime age to develop your child’s socialization skills so that he becomes a good sharer, communicator, and student in the years to come. Toddler World gives your child a head start by allowing him to interact with nurturing teachers and peers, and by teaching him how to be a good friend, citizen, and student. 

In the dynamic environment of our toddler classrooms, your child will be motivated to explore and engage with the world around him. Our toddler child care approach includes a balance of child-directed and teacher-initiated opportunities, designed to instil a lifelong love of learning in your child.

Our passionate and energetic staff provide your toddler with a consistent routine and schedule, filled with exploration and introduction to new experiences. Regardless of developmental stage, each day is filled with laughter, reading, building self-sufficiency, and hands-on learning.

How our program approach helps your toddler grow:

Our toddler program teaches the value and meaning of community. Your child and his classmates will join in collaborative activities, such as creating a collage for the whole classroom to see. Through dramatic play with a teacher, your child will also have fun taking on different roles so that he will understand the perspectives of other people.

Our staff encourages your child’s joy of expression and gives him plenty to talk about, by introducing a new theme every fortnight. We spark discussion by reading stories and asking the children to talk about what is happening in the book.

Your child will begin to understand the concept of cause and effect by filling up and dumping out containers, as well as stacking and knocking down blocks. The children will also develop their recall skills, by 'drawing' a picture of a recent experience they had and describing what’s happening in the picture to their teacher.

We develop motor skills through weekly activities and games. To develop small muscle control, your child will also participate in fun, focused activities, such as stringing large beads, tearing paper for art projects, and squishing and moulding play dough.

Before graduating from the toddler room, your child will be able to achieve specific milestones.

Your child will be regularly assessed to assure that he is meeting these developmental milestones and is progressing in his/her learning.