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Preschool Program(2-3 years)

A strong foundation for success in school and in life: Preschool at Toddler World.

Welcome to the preschool years—the most critical and pivotal for determining your child’s lifelong learning ability. Your talkative child is at the prime age for developing pre-reading skills and forming social relations with his/her peers.Our preschool program is designed to help your child build a strong foundation for school success. He/She will enter kindergarten ready to learn and prepared to succeed. We teach your child the cognitive and social-emotional skills that will help him/her become a lifelong learner: problem-solving, self-regulation, independence, interactive learning, and collaborative play. 

How our preschool program approach helps your preschooler progress:

Your child’s ability to share and communicate with others is just as important as learning his/her ABCs and 123s. That’s why Toddler World focuses on teaching your child the value of family and community. This will be the foundation of his/her ultimate well-being.

Through our curriculum and innovative world-class methodologies, your child will gain the early literacy and language skills that will determine his/her future academic success. Our teachers also work with your child to develop his/her pre-writing skills, by focusing on grip and letter shape.

Our teachers use different activities & latest technology to open your child’s eyes to the wonders of science and technology. We also build on your child’s math skills.

Your preschooler will dance, sing, play and achieve developmental milestones in the process. He/She will also learn the habits of healthy living by doing physical activities daily.

Before graduating from preschool, your child will be able to achieve specific milestones.

Your child will be regularly assessed to assure that he/she is meeting these developmental milestones and is progressing in his/her learning.