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Play equipment

A range of play equipment is available to help children develop an array of skills, and great care is taken to choose materials that will create an inspiring sensory experience. We use -

  • Real life props, such as brushes and gardening tools
  • Small-world toys to help build a child's imagination and language skills
  • Construction play such as building blocks, to help children develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness and problem solving
  • Physical play equipment such as tricycles, balancing beams and tunnels to encourage physical activity
  • Creative play to build a child’s imagination, creativity and co-ordination
  • Supporting social interaction, including role play and small group activities

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Our Activities

✓ Montessori Activities

✓ Prayers & Duas
✓ Singing, Dance, Painting, Sand Pit, Clay Modeling & Pottery
✓ Indoor soft play area
✓ Gardening and Planting Saplings
✓ Role Play
✓ Character Building Stories
✓ Folk Stories and Puppets
✓ Movies and AV facilities
✓ Reading Nook
✓ Story Telling Area